Naked and Afraid Part 2: Tokyo Drift

Broadcasting from an unknown location in the forest, Comedian T.J. Miller has discovered his friend Cash Levy stranded in the forest. T.J. talks about becoming a vegan, and Cash talks about how the internet really didn’t change society all that much. Will they ever escape? Do they even want to? Will the wolves eat them? […]

Naked and Afraid: Wolf Edition

Season 12.5 begins with Comedian Cash Levy, stranded in the woods, a TV Taping GONE WRONG. Will fellow comedian T.J. Miller come to save him? Will he stick around for an interview while dining on wolf meat and human pee? Yes. Yes he will. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Promiscuous Sea Bass

The comedy road trip continues. The dudes talk about performing for libertarians, avoiding walk-in freezers, and pretending to see Tiger Sharks. Cash gives advice on how to talk to women. Is there a farting epidemic in Washington D.C.? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Lobster of your Labor

It’s all you can poke night at Montana’s premier brothel buffet, and the only payment accepted is the succlent meat of ocean spiders. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Flying Naked: A Montana Holiday Roadtrip Special

Recorded while driving through Montana and released just in time for Kwanza, the boys discuss flying naked with libertarians, sans deodorant. Did Daddy make it home for Christmas? Will Cash’s outfit get all “dogged up”? Does crying help you get free Liquor? Comedians T.J. Miller and Cash Levy discuss the hard-hitting holiday questions while en […]