Airport Courage Infused Travel Tags


Single dual-side durable plastic travel tag. Printed.
  • Become the Robinhood of Air Travel
  • Locate bags with bird-like percision
  • Bring joy or fear (their choice) to the hearts of everyone at the airport
  • Now made with 100% Airport-Courage-Enfused-Plastic**
The first product in the Airport Courage Collection from the Cash Levy Travel Apparrel and Supply Company Lmt. Airport Courage Travel Tags come with pattened Airport Courage enfused plastic. We are required by law to inform you against the wearing of these tags outside of airports, as Airport Courage in the public-sphere could be hazordous to your health and possibly result in fist fighting strangers.

**Airport Courage outside of airports is encouraged and cool, but not reccomended or legal. 

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